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Preston Adams is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance. After years of performing and directing their own original musical There Will Be Light, they now teach and gives private lessons (online & in-person) to kids and adults alike through Backstory Theater!

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Performance Lighting


Longmont Leader

“…it was fascinating to see Preston Adams command the stage as the self-absorbed and ill-mannered American Grand Master chess player Freddie Trumper.”


“Preston Adams as Dupree, Crybaby’s best friend and brilliant singer rocks out on “Jukebox Jamboree” and then brings it back in the second act as “Jailyard Jamboree.””

Stella Romig-Leavitt

“When I started vocal lessons with [Adams] I wasn’t a very strong or confident singer. However with his help I have grow so much. In both how I preform and how I sing. I would highly recommend [them] as anyone’s voice teacher.”

Greeley Tribune

“…Preston Adams (Seaweed), who is outstanding in “Run and Tell That,”…”